Nominating someone for a royal honour

If you want to nominate someone for an honour, the first step is to complete a short online application form (in Dutch only). The form will be submitted for consideration to the municipality where the person you wish to nominate lives. A municipal officer assesses the application and determines whether there is sufficient reason to nominate them. The municipal officer may contact you before they make the decision. If the decision is positive, they will send you a link to the full online application form. 

All correspondence about a nomination for a royal decoration is handled by the municipality where the nominee lives.


You may if you prefer download an empty nomination form (in Dutch only) and complete it offline. You can also print the form and complete it on paper. Please contact the municipality where the nominee lives first. The procedure may differ between municipalities. A municipal officer will explain what you have to do. Ask for the email address or postal address you will need to use to submit the form.

Please remember the following when applying for a royal decoration: 

  • A royal decoration should be a surprise.
  • Try to find out whether the person you wish to nominate would appreciate a royal decoration.
  • The award process can take a long time.
  • Support your nomination with documents from other supporters, preferably signed letters, printed, if relevant on the organisation’s headed paper. Other documents can also be submitted.
  • If the person you wish to nominate is seriously ill, you can ask the municipality to fast-track the nomination.
  • In the interests of protecting the nominee’s privacy, you will not be informed of the reasons for granting or refusing the honour.

What happens next?

Once you’ve submitted the nomination form, an extensive advisory and decision-making procedure begins.