Wearing decorations

Recipients of a decoration receive a full-size version of the insignia. These consist of a knight’s cross on a ribbon and, depending on the type of decoration, a breast star. You will also receive a lapel badge for daily use. 
Decorations are worn as appropriate and with suitable dress for the occasion. The conventions for wearing decorations are explained in this brochure.

If more than one decoration is worn, they should be arranged in the appropriate order. See the list of all recognised decorations and their correct sequence the official Order of Wear (in Dutch).

Lapel badges

You will receive a lapel badge, or buttonhole insignia, for daily use. This is a small bow in the colours of the decoration ribbon, representing the order in which you have been decorated. Depending on the decoration, this bow has a small crown or rosette.


Miniatures – smaller versions of full-size insignias – can be worn with evening dress in certain situations. Miniatures are not provided by the State, but you may obtain them at your own expense.

Ordering badges and miniatures

Extra lapel badges or miniatures of the Order of the Lion of the Netherlands or the Order of Orange-Nassau can be ordered via the website of the Royal Dutch Mint (or by calling +31 (0)30 291 04 10).